Saturday, 27 November 2010

Situation in the "Situation Room"

Unfortunately there are no new piccies. I'm struggling to get into town to see the "correct guy" at the camera shop to go through what lens I need for 10mm figures, both close work and distant. I hope to have piccies in the near future.

The room itself suffered a hiccup! Water!!!!!! Unfortunately, converting a garage to a "house" has a few niggles and this one was unforeseen by myself and others. Simply put, water got between the surrounding flags and the cement, forced it ways to the concrete base and then as it had nowhere else to go, tracked into the building. Its worst at the door because the door was set incorrectly as no mastic was used!!!!!!!
Looking at it, the water must amount to less than a cup full of water.

The cure looks OK. The flags had to come up and I thought this would be difficult. It was done withing 30 minutes. Then the magic gunk, a paint called Bituthene which is effectively a liquid bitumen. It seemed to the trick and water ingress appears to have halted. We just need 3 dry days to then give it a second coat and put the flags back.

On positive notes, the room is insulated, painted and all electric & lighting are in. I hope to start on the tables next week with my neighbour John who is going to do the tables. I'll do a separate post on that. Troops are now arriving, I have 6 Btns French infantry painted and based and just awaiting flags from GMB which are on order.

Next month should also see all the WWII kit being ordered from Pendraken and I've sourced where the roads and rivers will come from and possibly even village bases. All I need now are the buildings themselves. To accelerate figure acquisition I'm also likely to use Neil in Bangladesh, turn round of 9000 figures in 9 weeks is not to be ignored!

I've acquired all new dice, I need to do things like musket sticks and I still hope to gaming around Easter next year.

I'll take some piccies of the inside and talk my through the building of the tables and why I chose the method that you will see.

The WWII rules will get published in January and the Yahoo Group site supporting it will be brought up to date.


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