Friday, 23 May 2014

Game : 23 Prokorovka

This was a WWII interlude to show off the newly painted German SS and Russian motorised forces. It was loosely based on a Porkorovka type engagement battle. The Germans had a fixed force based on a single SS PzGr Division and the Russians had a list with formations given a points cost and the Russians so many points to "buy" the forces. The Russian force would end up being based on two Guards Tank Corps.
The game started with a recce phase using a fairly simple mechanism. Recce troops were assigned to one of three roads. The progress made by each side was directly proportional to the weight of Recce assets assigned to a given road. The forces for both sides then started from the battlefield edge, the rods being the entry pints and the Recce having to decide whether to fight and hold the ground or retire. This part worked very well.
What didn't work very well was my opponent, he shall remain nameless, Steve, got blattered one night and only achieved in not vomiting the next day. So I had no opponent at the critical point of the game. Also, rule reading is to be recommended to all, another hint at why we were so slow. Needless to say, the battle will have to be refought some other time.
So, this report is really a series of piccies only. The time line is in order and the main thing to notice is that the troop density has been dropped to give both sides the opportunity and incentive to manoeuvre.

This was on the German right and is a column moving up the road onto the battlefield. Trucks can do 30" on road, 6" off road, so road networks are important

The centre where the village of Prokorovka sat. It was near Russian lines, but the Germans did well on the recce and so started just short of the village. The idea was for the Recce to "play" with the Russians, who were coming on in force, so that the column on the previous picture could try to reach as near as possible the village, before having to tactically deploy.

Far right of the battlefield where you can see the Russian column getting forward as fast as possible. The village is centre right with the cornfields just to its left.

Close up showing how I do transport. A number of bases fit to the transport base. All order rules must be used and if a truck is lost, it becomes a significant transport loss.

The Russians quickly assaulted the village with superior force, forcing the German Recce to retire. However, this would lead to problems where German Recce would eventually be roaming the Russian rear lines with relative impunity.

A German Gepanzert company. The troops in the woods are the dismounts from the half tracks. The half tracks now are used as fire support platoons. If the half track is mounted, the fire power is greater . A simple system, works well, and reflects the tactical use of half tracks.

A picture of the right flank just before my opponent killed himself!! The German armour is a mixture of Pz IIIMs and Marders. The Russians are T34s, 43 version. The T34 is a match to the PzIII if it attacks but the Marder is the killer.

The village as the game progressed. The Russians have a tight grip but the Germans are preparing to counter-attack. The game would end before this could be launched.

I included this to show the Russian air power. There was a full air game bolted onto the ground game with both sides potentially getting significant air support.

This is from the left flank. The Russians tried to stand up and fire fight German Pz IVGs and Stug IIIGs at long range and were coming second very quickly. The only vehicle that really scares the Germans when they are static, is the SU 152. The Russians would slowly give ground.

We forgot to do the photo gallery of the players, but Steve at least may want to forget it, eh Steve? At least it wasn't booze at our place that did him in!!

The next set of games are Napoleonic, Abensberg & Eckmuhl as separate battles. The whole set up process with tiles will also be used, so more new stuff to see.
Hopefully not long to wait for that posting.........................!