Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Game 49 : Austerlitz Northern Front revisited

Hi Guys,
This was a revisit to a game we have played before. Austerlitz, the northern sector, outside the fog and really a battle between each sides Cavalry reserves with two supporting infantry divisions.

Anyone who remembers this game will know of a large central hill, or really plateau, that controls the road to Olmutz which is the Allied lines of communication. The northern end of the battlefield has the village of Bosenitz and the southern end has the village of Blasowitz and the plateau is in between. It is a powerful defensive position where allied guns can dominate. The usual tactic is to try and take the flank villages, turn the flank of the enemy and then commit the cavalry reserve en masse. In fact, its the same tactic for both sides.
Except the Russians didn't do that! They occupied Blasowitz and positioned the other infantry division bang on the Olmutz road. This set the scene. The pic above shows the northern flank from the French side. Bosenitz has been bypassed and the French are trying to drive in the Russian right that is held by cavalry.

The same situation viewed from the Allied side. It would always give them a problem in that is really committed the Allies to a totally defensive posture. However, the French still had to turn this flank!

Next along the French line is part of the cavalry reserve advancing to protect the flank of the infantry above.

The southern edge saw the French advance with the heavies, two regiments were eventually forced to retire through horrendous overall casualties from the Allied artillery in the centre.

The French attack Blasowitz which is stoutly defended by the Russian Jaeger division. The fighting would eventually see the Russian Jaegers driven back and isolated in and around the village giving the French an opportunity to drive in the Allied left flank.

The Russians hold the centre in some strength. Mixed arms of infantry, artillery and cavalry in support. A tough nut!

The French are now making progress against the Allied left. This progress would increase in impetus, ultimately driving the Allies of the central Olmutz road. Allied cavalry is now having to turn and face and the infantry in the centre are about to be caught in a fight on two fronts.

Both sides now tried to confirm the outcome by launching heavy cavalry in the centre. Although the French managed to win the combats, the fighting at this point had no clear victor. Both sides would draw their breadth!

The highlight or the end, depending on your sides view. A clash of Austrian Cuirassiers against French Dragoons. It went the three rounds and the dice gods then intervened. A natural 9 for the French against a natural 1 for the Austrians. It was all over!! Carnage!!

Russian infantry retiring in order down the Olmutz road. The French have the day!!

A nice and sunny weekend for an Autumn game. Next stop is the 50th Game, Austerlitz the Southern front with some new twists!!