Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Game 10 : Nowosselowka Hill 260.8 take 2

This was a re-run of game 9. The reason for this was to see how the game played with different players and different Russian choices. To re-cap, this is part of Grossdeutschland (GD) attacking a hill defended by a Russian infantry division. The Russians get options on reinforcers and each option also determines the class and morale of troops. The options are;
A tank Corps. This option makes all Russians regulars.
Two tank Corps. This option makes the infantry regulars and the armour green.
No tank corps, instead two reconnaissance battalions. This option makes all Russians guards.

Game 9 saw option 2 chosen by the Russians. Although, at times, it looked like the GD would get swamped by Russian armour, the morale was always brittle. The Russians lost about half the armour in game 9.
Game 10 saw the bold decision of having no armour and guards! One immediate consequence was that in the recce part of the game/setup, the Germans found out a lot less of the Russian dispositions. This was an important factor in how the game played.
To see the terrain, refresh yourselves with game 9. The first piccy shows the intrepid players, there would indeed be a casualty of war (well, alcohol really).

Here you can see all of us pontificating on various things. I'm winning the argument, I've got my wicky wicky stick! We are now in the realm of where we don't really need tape measures. I think they look horrible on the table and I've eventually gotten round to making sticks with lots of pretty colours and range bands.
The Russian tactic was to defend the forward village (near where Pete is standing) which is directly forward to the German lines from the centre of the defended ridge line. Then we held the ridge in regimental strength and the shoulders in equal regimental strength.
The German tactic was to refuse their left, screen their centre and put all their effort into a right hook, to take the hill from our left flank and roll up the defensive line.

This shot shows the forward village. This was defended with an infantry battalion and a regimental commissar to stiffen morale. This battle would rage the whole weekend with at least a German motorised battalion and armour support striving to drive out the Russian defenders. More of this later.

This shows the the German right flank from the German side. In shot is about 75% of the German infantry attempting to drive in the Russian left flank. This fight would be protracted with mounting losses for both sides.



This is the same attack shown from the Russian side. This was the main assault. Our right flank would remain quiet and the fight for the central forward village would last all weekend.




Another shot of that contested village. The Germans drove most of the Russians out, but the village was reinforced with a motorcycle company and is still clinging on to a small part with the aid of a Russian regimental commissar (who would end up surviving).

This shot shows more of the hill and the Germans at their high point. They are driving in the Russian flank and gaining a hold on the hill. Its at this point we came to a halt. Another weekend, another interesting result. In fact the result was similar to game 9. The Germans get a firm hold on part of the hill. Historically, the Germans took the hill and then drove off to another emergency. The Russians then walked back onto the hill!
The game was good for the rules and scenario generation. It showed that Russian infantry, of decent morale, with no armour, can hold up/out against the best the Germans have. I can see more ideas coming on now!

And the group piccy, missing the alcoholic reprobate! The funny part was that he was supposed to get back to referee a football game. That might have been interesting on match of the day!
Next game up will hopefully be Napoleonic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of work still being done, so watch out for game 11!!!!!!!!!!