Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Game 33 : Friedland

The latest battle was the battle of Friedland in 1807. It involved more figures than previously used and the piccies are really to give a taste of the battle rather than give a blow by blow account of the battle. All of the Napoleonic games are being written up into the "Companion" series of books. One is currently at the publishers and I hope to produce a number of books across the years of the Napoleonic Wars.

The above pic is from the south and looks north towards the French lines

This is also a view from the south along the Russian lines. Friedland itself is off pic, centre right on the table.
This is the French attack on their left flank. The plan used by the French was fairly historic. An attack would start from the right flank and then the remaining formations would attack in echelon.

This is the village in the centre left, Friedland is behind this village, the body cleverly masking it from the enemy!

A close up of the combat in the above village. Fighting is protracted and sucks in troops, both attackers and defenders, from all directions.
Now the cavalry are getting involved on the left flank of the above French assault.
A close up of the cavalry combat in the centre with "whole" formations. The French would win each round of combat, aided by the support fire from a guard battalion, but the Russian elan would remain high and the conclusion would be a draw.
Here are a couple of shots showing a more panoramic view. You can now see the sheer number of figures on the table and there is action along the line
This a pic taken about 180 degrees in arc from the previous to really demonstrate the scale of the game.

Rogues gallery. The next game up will be a play test for a WWII game next year on a far bigger table and scale. It also looks like I'll have to get a new camera body, the current one is struggling to decide when it will work or not. Until then mes amis!