Friday, 10 November 2017

Game 57 : Prokorovka, take III

This game is the last WWII game for the year. It was a continuation of the Prokorovka theme with some new twists. The major twist for this game saw the German forces based on GrossDeutschland and the appearance of a Tiger tank btn.

The Russians were based around a Russian Guard Tank Corps, a Regular Tank Corps and lots of assets. It is the first time since we started that a whole battalion of heavy German tanks had been used in a set battle.

Both armies still have superior morale ratings.

The Tiger Tanks became a bit of a behemoth. They would take the odd hit and shrug it off. The biggest draw back was if they failed morale. Other than that, if they could stand off their targets, they were lethal. If they could close, even on infantry, and were supported or the enemy infantry out of position, they were lethal. In this game, the only way to stop them was to try and strip the support troops and then tackle the Tigers. But the Russians never got the time to try this as the Germans won most of the initiative dice rolls.

Kampfgruppe Rauss advancing on the Russian Guard Tank Corps. As to the fight, it was slow going. Both sides were limited by the space in which they could manoeuvre. The Tiger tanks in the centre would eventually have an imp[act on this duel as the Russians were eventually pinched on two sides.

Desperate Russian defence in the gullies. A Tank brigade on the right of the pic is about to cease to exist!

Behind the Tigers in the centre, German infantry advance to mop up any residual resistance. The speed of the Tigers and the infantry were well suited to each other.

The other flank saw long range tank duelling. Over the period of the battle, the Germans were slowly gaining the upper hand. The far flank saw a type of "independent" battle between German recce and a Russian Brigade of tanks and infantry. There were sweeping dynamic moves by both sides and at the end of the battle they virtually ended up on the their start points, although having lost about a half of their strength,

The series of three battle has been fun and seen strength and weaknesses of both sides get exploited by both sides.
We're now going back to Napoleonics. A smaller game to begin with, we are fighting the Shevardino redoubt at Borodino. A large battlefield with restricted forces, a reinforced infantry corps for each side with cavalry support. Manoeuvring will be required by both sides and patience will be critical!