Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Game 46 : Smolensk take II

Hi All,
A very quick, and short, account of a game played at the end of August. This was new in the sense that it was the Russians attacking the Germans. The Germans had smaller numbers and some were dug in. More Germans would arrive. The game pitched two Russian Infantry Divisions and a Tank Division against a German Panzer Division. Both sides had assets to add, the Russians getting a random selection. It is late 1941, but not late enough to worry about the weather. Both sides also had air support.

Cutting a bank holiday weekend story somewhat short, we played the game twice as we had effectively 3 full days to play. Each side won one game. The first game was one by the Russians and the second by the Germans. In both games there was tactically important village that would decide the outcome on one flank. The villages themselves had light cover, but the approaches blocked visibility.
It was the first game in which Russian artillery played a significant role. Pre-planned fire was allowed onto numbered Geographic targets only. When the randomised Russian assets were added, it so happened it was a lot of Artillery. It became effective because the German counter battery artillery probably did not have the gods on their die rolling side.

This is the village viewed from the opposite side. If you are not careful, you can lose Regiments in fairly small urban areas! There was plenty of manoeuvring space, but it was odd in that both sides did not go "hard" at gaps in the line. Both sides had a plan and they were keeping to them!

Russian tanks, nasty KV2s, breaking into the village. Ideal ground for these tanks, sort of clarifies the defenders options very quickly!

Lastly the team. From the left, Graham, Pete, me, Pete's Nephew Conor and Gordon at the end.  A good time had by all. The remaining games for this year are Napoleonic, with some new untried ground being explored. The first one up will be the Battle of Bailen this weekend. We'll see what happens.
Then it will be larger games again at the year end as a prelude to the January Borodino. all of it!!
Lastly, the next Companion book has gone to Caliver for publishing. This one is called "The Russians". Keep an eye out for it later this year!!