Monday, 15 July 2013

Games 12-17 Aspern Essling : revisited 6 times!

Starting at Easter, Napoleonics started in earnest. A major driving influence was the fact that the new rules were ready for play testing. Having a stable environment for play testing rules is crucial, hence the first day of Aspern Essling got fought at least 6 times. Some of the guys are now happy that I've at least moved to day 2 of Aspern Essling where the armies have changed and the challenges are subtly different.
I won't go into vast details about the rules as explanations of changes could be nearly as long as the rules themselves. Suffice to say that most areas have been subject to significant change and their are some totally new aspects, namely a full set of rules for command and control, the treatment of Generals and the definitions of terrain, especially villages and built up areas.
Moving to the actual battle, the first 3 pictures show the terrain as seen from the river Danube behind the French lines.

The French right flank showing the village of Essling, the Danube and the woods behind it. The Granary is to the left and forward of the village, albeit I still have to find a 10mm model to suit.

The French centre between the twin villages. Historically, Napoleon found it fairly easy to manoeuvre behind the central road that directly linked the two villages to each other. To reflect this in the game, the road was defined as a form of gentle slope that then affected visibility behind it, accepting that the actual Geography shows know significant feature. The whole ground is open.

This is the French left flank on Aspern, with the church to the extreme left of the village. The streams immediately behind denote the various small branches of the Danube that extended here. The wholes area is deemed to be marshy and suitable for light infantry only.

Austrians forming up to attack Aspern

Austrians prepare to advance in the centre

Austrians advance on Essling. This shot shows both armies. The French are defending the villages with the cavalry reserve in the centre behind the slope and out of sight.

The Austrian advance continues in the centre. Will this goad the French Reserve cavalry into action?

General action around Essling. The Granary is represented by the village section to the left.

General action around Aspern with the "Church" in the foreground. Villages are now very difficult to take. The new rules make all firms of fire fairly ineffective and the only real way to make progress is with the bayonet.
The French cavalry now charged the centre. Some piccies of the event which represents five Cuirassier regiments in what affected to be a divisional charge.

The result was the breaking of many Austrian units and the complete check of the Austrian advance. The French cavalry then withdrew. In real life, the action looked stunning!
Lastly, a couple of piccies of the gamers. As usual, we drank far too much and ate too much! But a grand time was had!!!!

The plan is to now play the second day of Aspern Essling about 3 times. The rules have had slight amendments but I hope the play testing phase will be complete by late Autumn.
Hopefully it won't be 3 months before the next post.