Monday, 12 February 2018

Game 59 : Lutzen 1813

This game is arguably one of the best games we have played at the Situation Room. I will leave people to look up Lutzen, but in short, The Allies surprise a French Corps that is in danger of being overrun and the French pour reinforcements to the battlefield.
The battle goes backwards and forwards. One village withheld five assaults before being forced to yield ground. We used a timing system for each turn, nominally 20 minutes and fought 32 turns for nearly the entire day.

This time I am going to just post some pictures to show the action rather than describe it. If anyone wants any information on a particular pic, then I will rack my brain to try and remember what the action was about. Enjoy the pics.

We fought this battle over the best part of a full week. It engaged everyone all of the time and is memorable that foe all the fighting we did, we never got a result!! Both armies still held the field and at nightfall we all decided that the game was a draw but that the Allies had done marginally better. Both sides came close to crucial breakthroughs, but these were always thwarted.

The usual rogue's gallery. We had two other players, but they left earlier in the week.
The next battle is going to be Napoleonic, but I don't know yet. It will be either a "what if" scenario designed by one of the gamers or will be a first stab at a Peninsular battle. The Brits bring unique challenges with different basing as they have 2 deep lines per company and play testing will need to identify any potential wrinkles that may need ironing out.
Keep a look out!