Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Game 50 : Austerlitz Southern Front : The half century of games!

This game was the half century up. This is after about 6 years of gaming. Not bad! Now for the other half century!
This game was an old favourite, it can easily be played with fewer players. It was also the most tense Austerlitz we have ever fought, it went to the wire in at least three sectors.

The view from the Pratze village, looking South with the Pratzen in the immediate distance. The line of villages are off shot to the right along the Goldbach stream.

This is the diagonally opposite end of the battlefield at Tellnitz, looking north along the Goldbach. Sokolnitz is in the near distance in the centre top.

This is Sokolnitz and Sokolnitz castle viewed from the top of the Pratzen. An "ornamental garden" separates the village from the castle. Well, it did in this game!

The Pheasantry. Overgrown woody are surrounded by a wall. A big link in the defensive chain.

This is the height of the attack on Puntowitz on the far left of the French line. The village would hold out and would form the right hand hinge of the French counter-attack towards the Pratzen.

Kobelnitz under intense pressure. The front of the village would fall to the allies, but the rear areas would be held by the French. Casualties were high and it was a close call as French casualties mounted.

This is the Allied attack between the Pheasantry and Kobelnitz. The area was held by a French Dragoon division with artillery support and the Allies never quite had the space to organise an attack over the Goldbach.

The Pheasantry, a real humdinger! The Austrian Grenzers eventually wrestled control of the feature away from two Elite French light battalions, the Tirailleurs du Corse & Po. One of them actually died to a man, the other retired with over half casualties. The Grenzers had also paid dearly and further progress was impossible as the French shored up the gap with line infantry arriving just in time.

The Russian attacks around Sokolonitz village & castle were pressed home but repulsed. The arrival of Davout, with his veterans, again shored up this line quite effectively.

The castle proved to be an unmovable feature. Although it, itself, didn't cause huge casualties, the garrison were safe in its confines.

Tellnitz was a different situation. The French managed to hold the initial attacks but casualties seriously weakened the battalions and eventually the Russians drove the French from the village.  The Russians attempted to exploit this victory and were themselves assailed by the only reserves in this area, Davout's Dragoons who, with close artillery support, drove the Russians back to Tellnitz.

The French counter stroke begins in the distance, falling on the Russian exposed right flank. It was about to get messy! Kobelnitz was standing fast.

The Russians attempt to redeploy to face the new threat to their flank. French firepower would eventually cause the odd unit to retreat, causing the formation cohesion to be lost and individual battalions picked off.  The Russian would eventually retire from this trap.

The French counter stroke is now level with Puntowitz and driving onwards to the relief of Kobelnitz.

The left side of the French counter stroke is now ready to assail the Pratzen itself with the Guard cavalry deployed. They would engage their Russian counter parts and come out victorious.

Tellnitz being counter attacked. This was a superb game and the French nearly broke in four areas. They did at Tellnitz and had to organise a counter attack. The Pheasantry was lost, but the garrison from Kobelnitz was able to redeploy, just in time to cover the gap, as they themselves were relieved by the French counter stroke. But it was very very close.

It was cold in the first week of December. All experienced players and a good time was had over 10 days of wargaming. Next up is Borodino, with a difference. About 750 square feet of table, about double my existing table, and the full battle with 22 players. It will written up as a book, another in the Companion series where it will be the third. I will pick out some pics so you can see the actual event. Enjoy!