Friday, 24 February 2017

Game 51 : Borodino, a new adventure begins

Hi All,
The was the battle of Borodino, truly in the Grandest Manner. The post is purely a flavour of the game, hopefully the start of many more in this way.
This was not at my Situation room but in a local hotel. 750 square feet of gaming table, 40,000+ figures, 22 players and a knackered me at the end of a whole weeks gaming!

The whole thing will be subject to a book in the "Companion Series" which compliment the "In the Grandest Manner" rules.

Here's the taster

The blank canvas. There were 3 tables, each 33' by 6' for the main sector and 2 tables, each 10' by 6 ' for the Utitsa section. About 750 square feet in all.

The Ged "patented transport system". Racks with clingfilm rapped round. Two friends transported all the figures and terrain in a precisely planned operation. A company neat York supplied the tables.

The playing surface is carpet, specially bought for the game the previous year. Each table is covered with a single piece of carpet which is then stapled to the table. The single piece of carpet helps give enormous strength to the tables.

The bespoke terrain features are added, along with copious amounts of sustaining ale!

The Great Redoubt with Russian reserves deployed deep.

A glimpse of the Redoubt and its proximity to Borodino.

We're off! Battle is joined along the whole table.

The start in my sector with a French Grand Battery deployed.
Next year, Dresden!!


  1. Looks great Gerty - are you posting some more in-depth blog posts with battle report as it looks truly spectacular! Three x 33 foot tables - wow!

  2. Hi Carlo,
    I may post some but the idea is to put them into a "Companion" book. It would be the third in the series. All the books do game done with the above figures with In the Grandest Manner rules. We have the rules, the Danube Campaign as a Companion Book, the next to publish is "The Russians 1805-1807 and then there will be Borodino. Then onto 1913!

  3. It certainly was a sight to see. Grand stuff!

  4. Hi Dave,
    Next up will be Dresden, about the same size. The terrain is done apart from the city walls which are in hand, oh, and then the Prussians. How are the Mamelukes doing?

  5. Hi there,
    Please help!
    Our 28mm collection has now out grown our permanent 15 x 14 foot table by some considerable margin & going 10mm is an option for larger games as it's easier than building or renting a bigger room, at least for now.
    My question is this, which manufacturers did you use for the various armies different arms, we'll start with French & Austrians much like you have then add Russians later. Peninsular bits we'll keep at 28mm. Any pointers would be appreciated.
    Re painting; we'll get these outsourced in some quantity although not on your vast scale but still several thousand; what should I expect to pay per foot or mounted?
    Many years ago you offered some advice on building such a room as yours, well, that time may yet still come, I now have an outbuilding measuring 60 x 20 internally, it just needs a shed load of work on it...
    Many thanks in advance,

  6. Hi Jeremy.
    I would definitely go for Pendraken Miniatures. The price you pay is good and the quality of the figure is good. Very sturdy and a surprising amount of detail for 10mm. Pendraken do the French & Austrians. The Russians I have are Red Line miniatures but the Cavalry army was done by Pendraken. Some figures are my spec but are not sold generally, although you would be able to get them.
    Painting is more problematical. I've cultured/nurtured and put a lot of effort into the painters. With large numbers, it is important not to overload them or pester them for delivery. I use 2 guys in the UK who I know through my wargaming past. Neither does it full time. Because I give them near constant painting over the last 7 years, I get a good price. If you go to someone who does this as a living, then you will pay more.
    For guidance. Foot. 75p would be excellent, £1.00 acceptable. Double for Cavalry.
    The last big issue is quality. I get very good quality, shading, dry brushing, lighter painted coats, the whole works. So it becomes trial and error in deciding if the product you get is what you want/expect.
    If you ever pass here, pop in and you can see how my building was cone out internally and then drool over the figures.

    1. Many thanks Jerry, I'll let you know how it goes.
      Please keep the scenarios coming, they really are excellent & inspiring.
      Best wishes,

    2. Like you I use various painters, two in the UK and another good one thousands of miles away. I agree wholeheartedly with your advice.