Sunday, 17 April 2016

Game 41 : Borodino Centre : playtest for 2017 game

This was Borodino again. In 2017 it is planned to have a larger game on about 800 square feet of table. This was part of the playtest I wanted to do. The game needs to last 3 days at a minimum. I chose to do the central section, from the Kolotcha stream down to the start of the woods after the Fleches and before Utitsa. These areas are subject to a separate playtest.
The forces involved were substantial, in the area of 20,000+ figures fielded.
Main combatants were for the French
Davout, Ney, Junot (1 Division) and 3 Reserve Cavalry Corps. The Guard were in reserve. For the actual game, certain conditions will need to be met to allow the Guard to be released.
The Russians were based on Raevski, Dokhturov and Borodzin plus the equivalent of 3 Cavalry Corps. A large battle! Everyone should know the battle, so below are a series of pics with a simple caption/legend

Looking out from the Great Redoubt to the woods to the west

Looking from the southern Fleches. The woods from the previous pic can be seen in the far distance

This is an assault by Ney and a Division of Davout on Semonovka village which is just to the left of the pic

This is the same attack but now viewed with Semonovka just to the right of the pic. This was a major attack supported by all arms.

 A screening/containing attack on the Fleches. This would get wrecked and was reinforced to keep the battle going.

French light troops are trying to scree/skirmish the redoubt. The French would lose a lot of men against the Redoubt without success. It was clear, in the playtest, that the Redoubt is indeed a pivotal feature upon which the Russian defensive line is hinged. 

French Reserve cavalry pouring through between the Redoubt and the left flank of the attack on Semonovka.

Prelude to a storm. The attack on Semonovka about to go in.

The Reserve cavalry from both sides clash between Semonovka and the Redoubt. In all, over 16 regiments, mostly heavies, would get involved.

More of the above

The initial attack on the Fleches is repulsed by Russian Grenadiers. More assaults would follow and the Russians would become exposed eventually.

The next French assault on the Fleches succeeds in suppressing the guns and forcing the Russians to defend from the rear.

A French Division attempting to outflank the Great Redoubt which is to the left of the pic.

The attack on Semonovka viewed from the French side.

The cavalry clash between Semonovka and the Great Redoubt viewed from the French side.

More of the above

The Russian view from the Great Redoubt. It would remain in Russian hands with only light casualties.

More cavalry join the fray. Anyone see a spare horse?

A different view of the French division trying to flank the Great Redoubt. Russian infantry from behind the Redoubt would thwart this attempt with horse artillery support.

And finally, more cavalry charging backwards and forwards to glory!
To conclude, the playtest worked well and the game easily lasted 3 days. The action was non stop and results were unpredictable which bodes well. The Russians held the line but were hard pressed. Final reserves available would have been the French Guard and the Russian Guard, less the Cuirassier division.
It wouldn't be normal without the rogue's gallery again or the lucky general gathering!

The guys are all regulars, I still think Iain, on the right, appears to be smiling about something that none of the rest of us can quite see!?!?
Next stop is one for Carlo down in Aussie: "Sands of Sudan" 28mm figures, strewth, the relief of Jandu!!!!

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