Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Game 30 : Vauchamps Feb 14th 1814

This is a battle fought in the early days of 1814. It is between Blucher with Russians & Prussians and Napoleon. It could be described as an encounter battle as the Napoleon is trying to catch an Allied Corps in Vauchamps itself. The Allies have larger numbers in all arms, but Napoleon has all his best troops present; the Old Guard, the Young Guard and the Guard Cavalry. It is numbers against quality.
This shows Vauchamps from the French lines. It is a key in this battle and forms the central part of the Allied line, indeed the central part of the Allied defence. It is a group of buildings, each counting as a built up area and totalled 7 "villages" to use a rules parlance. The entry to the village from the French side is through a gatehouse and walled enclosure. Even more fun when attacking! In the background on the wall is a good shot of the play sheets for the rules. You can see the full set of 6. On the wall behind the French, the system is repeated.

This is taken from the French lines to the right of Vauchamps. It shows the Allied left flank deployment and an assault is in progress. The French troops in the bottom of the picture are the Young Guard

This shows the French preparing to attack Vauchamps and the Russian defenders awaiting the attack. The French infantry division would fight all day conducting many assaults, all of which were repulsed. In the end, only 1 part of Vauchamps would be lost by the stoic Russian defenders.

This is the French left flank where the Guard cavalry deployed, advanced and swept away the Russian cavalry and Cossacks on this wing. The Allied deployment was a refused flank, trying to use the woods in their rear as an anchor to their defence. There would be a running fight all day in this sector.

A picture to the right side of Vauchamps from the Allied side. The Russians are continuing to resist all attacks. On the far side of the village, the Allied attack has been broken and become a shambles. The French have counter-attacked, only to be caught in the open by Allied cavalry that has then caused some mayhem. The French eventually stabilised the flank and renewed their advance, whereas the Allies broke off but did manage to create a secure line further back.

This is the Allied high point on their left flank. The battle raged back and forth until the Allies were forced to retire and the French renewed their advance.

This is towards the end of the day. The French formation just to the right of Vauchamps is a mauled French infantry division. Just above it, going further into Allied lines, is the Young Guard division, again very badly mauled by incessant artillery fire as it tried to advance. The top right of the picture shows the Allies beginning to retire. But ominously, in the bottom left of the picture, the French Old Guard are advancing past the village to engage the Russian right flank infantry. Not good for the Allies!
The Allied right had been pushed back and exposed the Russian infantry to the French Old Guard. The Russians had no cavalry support, the French had plenty. In addition, the French cavalry had also cut the main road to the east, the Allied supply road.
The Allies had fought bravely and inflicted heavy losses on the French. However, the day belonged to the French as the Allies would have to retire away from the main road with all the consequences that such a retreating manoeuvre entails.
Next stop is a revamped brand new Austerlitz to be fought over Easter.


  1. Hi Gerry,

    Fantastic as usual mate. The csope of these games in 10mm is inspired! Looking forward to seeing alot more as the "Situation Room" continues to grow its collection. need a set of these rules methinks!!

  2. Hi Carlo,
    You should buy the rules. You'll also need the Excel file from the Yahoo Group site. Before you use them, talk to me about the difference in scaling (actual number of figs).
    We've just refought Austerlitz from the Pratzen South and had the French outnumbered 4:1 with only one further infantry division to reinforce. It worked.