Thursday, 26 August 2010

Where it all Begins

The site of the Situation room. The plan is to have 32,000 10mm Napoleonics (French & Russian) available within 2 years on a table that is 24' by a yet undecided depth, but at least 12' and more likely 14'.
Standard infantry battalions will have either 96 or 108 basic fig and cavalry will be in regiments of 72 basic figs up to 144. There will also be a new set of rules for the new look games.
Terrain will be based on fixed standard tables with other terrain being movable (hills etc).

I'll update on progress as it also allows me to get used to this blogging lark!


  1. Looking forward to your updates!

  2. This sounds very interesting i will be popping in to see how things progress

  3. An EPIC plan .. I salute your ambition :)