Wednesday 15 May 2024

Game 120 & 121 & 122 : Plancenoit 1815 take II & III & IV

 We have now played the same game 4 times. Each time we have learnt more about the game system (huge amounts), its quirks and exactly what type of tactics need to be employed.

So I have chosen to just publish some pictures from these games.

Close action in Plancenoit itself. The French yielded the front part of the village and then held the central area. Firepower won the day here. 

We still had to learn that guns charging guns was not the idea l thing to do.

We learnt fairly quickly that troops that are still steady are hard to shift. We picked up quickly that every action caused fatigue. What we still needed to learn was how quickly fatigue was recovered.

The French artillery thought better of deploying in front of the church! Redeployment was the better side of valour.

The chess game at the beginning of the battle. Half the Prussian army starts on table, the other half is 4 turns behind.

Myself and Pete played this game. Good fun and I do like the system. Pete missed the rolling of dice!

This time we had all the rules in use, from wave attacks from both infantry and cavalry to co-ordinated and unco-ordinated attacks. We were also savvy about when to charge and what to charge. 

An attempting flank attack was thwarted by the garrison of the church. We also noted that the Prussian infantry had to be got to where the action was going to erupt with no fatigue. For them to do this, their artillery arm is the way to go and try and get the infantry up unmolested.

Cavalry waves going into action. The Cavalry Division of Domon, with 3 regiments, bested the Prussian Cavalry Brigade of Landwehr cavalry with 5 regiments. It came down to artillery support fire to sway this fight.

The Prussians are trying to organise regimental infantry attacks. It nearly succeeded but the French artillery disrupted their approach by stopping the odd battalion.

Plancenoit is now safe. The Prussian infantry is stalling and the fight at Plancenoit itself is developing into fire fighting. So when we next play Carnage & Glory, it will be a new battle. I have a few ideas.

I was still French, Bob & Steve were the new Prussian commanders. The games were getting closer and it always came down to army morale as we approached nightfall. The closest was French 76% and Prussians 75%. Off to new grounds next.

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  1. Battles look fantastic (as always) How are you finding computor moderated rules? Im thinking of investing in them but am worried about imputing slowing it all down too much (though hunting through charts can be slow :-) is there anything I shpuld watch out for with the rules? Thanks in advance, Rupert