Wednesday 8 November 2023

Game 113 : Escape to Dunkirk

 This was a made up battle simulating, very loosely, an escape to Dunkirk by Allied forces. The Brits had an infantry Division of 9 btns, an armoured Brigade of 2 tank btns and an Armoured car regiment, along with a French infantry Brigade. Also present was the Brit Divisional artillery of 6 Regts

The Germans had a Panzer Division and most components of a Motorised Division. The Germans had no supporting field artillery but did have "random" Luftwaffe support and a Fallschirmjager btn that could be air transported in to an airfield behind Allied lines at any time the German wished.

This is the left of the German lines where the Pz Div AC Regt was racing with Engineers and Gepanzert Infantry. At the top of the pic, out of sight, is a double river which the Brits must hold to allow the outlying troops to collapse the perimeter and then escape along a sinlg road over 2 bridges.

Germans advancing in the centre against the French Brigade. The French were dug in in foxholes along the approaches the Germans would have to take.

Brit armour in the background advances. This battle was mainly an infantry engagement, the German tanks taking all necessary action to avoid a direct tank fight against superior Brit tanks.

A view of the double river, the bridges and the escape road. Towards the top of the pic is the airfield. Although the battle was "made up", it did still create the flavour of the time and reflected the abilities of the forces involved. Out of the 5 Allied Brigade equivalents deployed, we reckoned that 3 should make the escape road. A fun change as we had not done WWII for a fair while. More WWII next year.

Rogue's gallery as usual. It was nice to see some guys who hadn't been for a while. I believe "Steve" is enjoying his late afternoon G & T!! Yes, we are very civilised now. Onwards to the next game!!!

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