Thursday 7 September 2023

Game 111 : A Fire Base in Vietnam

 This will totally different. This game was set in and around a Fire Base in Vietnam. The scale is 1/48 and we have US Marines with ARVN & ANZACs against the baddies.

The system is very similar to "Sans of Sudan", so the "US" side are the players and the Vietcong/NVA are umpire controlled via a card system. 

The kit was supplied by Dave and Martin, the rest of us were the hoped to be canon fodder. 

I'll leave the pics to speak for themselves but we did manage to play the game through to the designed end where the "US" did achieve their objectives with acceptable losses.

Both tables were completely covered in some form of jungle. At the far end of the table is the the Fire Base. Off the bottom of the table is a delta type water feature. The ARVN commander is standing in a river, that splits the battlefield, looking at the ARVN forward positions in a "Michelin" factory, I kid you not! We mustn't lose it. There is only a single bridge linking both sides and that is next to the Fire Base. The "ridgeline" that you can see is thought to house lots of baddies, dug in with tunnels, trenches etc.

The "US" forces need to clear both tables of enemy.

This shows the Michelin factory and behind the Chinook, you can see "a grassy area" where a B52 has put down!!

Armoured column from the Fire Base advancing on a "friendly village" ahead of the enemy ridgeline with the baddies.

A Huey has gone down. There are wounded air crew and ARVN. The Chinook comes in "hot" to airlift them out, including the wrecked Huey!!!

The earlier "friendly village" turns out to be no longer that friendly. The Sky raider takes out the central complex!!!!!!

Heavy fighting in the Michelin factory results in ARVN and civilian casualties. The Chinook is again tasked to airlift them out from the complex. It even survives a RPG strike!!!!!

The bunch of lunatics, I need say no more!!!!!!! And the main disaster is that I wanted better air support, so I've gone and bought a F4-C Phantom (last built a model in 1977). I confirm I'm as mad as a hatter!!!!!!!!!!


  1. It was fun. We have made suitable rules enhancements following the learning and discussion . Good to see you starting on the air force…I have bought another 3 kits since … my Mig will have some fun !

  2. I'm not buying a wing man!!!!!! Ooooooooh arghhhhh. Tempting

  3. Absolutely brilliant Gerry. Dave and Martin’s kit is super and your space superb. He’s a clever chap that Mr Docherty .